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Women Entrepreneurs Resource Kit is an online community designed to provide advice, resources and opportunities for women who want to create a passive income.

“Firms with more women on their board have 42% higher sales returns, 66% higher return on invested capital, and 53% higher return on equity”

“Out of the 30 businesses I have invested in through Shark Tank, not some, all of my returns are coming from businesses owned or run by women”
- Kevin O’Leary

"Women-owned businesses with revenues over $1 million increased 46 percent compared to 12 percent for all U.S. businesses in the last decade"

Welcome to WERK - where women, become chairwomen

"In my opinion, it's the fastest way to pick up the basics of running a business. It's like an encyclopedia of crowdsourced business knowledge."

Yusra Aziz-Eliyas
Founder, Second Team

"This is the first community I have come across with paid content creators generating research on the questions asked by the community."

Nilangi Kulasinghe
Founder, Sathya Yoga

"It's so helpful to be able to search community members by their skills, and find people relevant to my business. Facebook groups just didn't allow for this"

Shehani Rasaputra
Founder, Just Goodness