Accelerate the career ambitions of women in Sri Lanka

WERK is a place to exchange experiences, insights, resources and career opportunities with each other. It was created to be the most powerful network for women who want to make their mark on the business world.

The community was built for ambitious and high-achieving women who want to connect with like minded women. Our community is all about increasing members’ likelihood of succeeding in business or their careers. The reciprocation of guidance, support and connections is within the community DNA. For female founders who eat and breathe their startups and the trailblazing corporate ladies – we created this network so you can leverage it to catapult to the highest level.

Joining WERK will improve your game regardless of what your hustle is. Whether you’re the captain of the ship, managing a team within a company, or just looking for inspiration and support – WERK is all about giving you the tools, connections and resources you need to propel you and your craft forward.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in this world. We envision the future of work where women dance on glass ceilings and mompreneurs are as common as entrepreneurs.

We hope to be the largest knowledge base for women entrepreneurs and career women because when you educate a man about business; you educate a man –
when you educate a woman about business; you educate a generation.